Where the Idea Came From

Rwanda is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to creating successful business. From small mom and pop self-run businesses to large corporations, Rwandans know how to run businesses. Where companies fall short is finding affordable ways to provide around the clock customer service. That's where our 18/7 call center – Call Rwanda comes in! The companies that show growth year after year needs to choose to work with us to take their messages and assist with sales and customer service.

Why Call Rwanda?

Companies may choose to go with us because we offer more than what a smaller answering service can offer. Nationally run businesses like ours are more experienced and have a broader spectrum of services. We have seen it all, answered for just about every industry, and have experience with everything from sales & customer acquisition to customer care & retention. And, being open 18 (for now) hours a day has it's perks too.

That means you will be able to extend your office hours as well. We aren't saying you need to change the hours on your door & website to 18, but you can definitely let your customers know that you are there for them whenever they need you. Why trust Specialty? We have the account experience to guide you to what protocols will work best for your account and how to get you the biggest ROI. Being open around the clock and on weekends is appealing for businesses with shorter hours or holidays, including weekends.

No one wants to lose opportunities, right? Some companies are looking to make sure every call they get goes to the proper department person in the company. We can do that too. Some companies have locations across the country or world. They want to be sure that each incoming call goes to the correct branch. There needs to be no miscommunication in this process. Well-trained call center agents always make sure your account is managed properly and your calls are handled exactly as they would be in your own office.

// about us

// Vision & Mission


At Call Rwanda we need to consume with partnering with Clients (Companies and their Customers) in every sense of the word. we believe that our though process should be like yours-concentrating on saving money, but at the same cultivation an off shore outsourcing campaign that will outshine anything you have ever put have ever put together in the past to maximize customer focus and service as well as produce amazing results-all leading to increase revenues. “To deliver outstanding customer interactions, on behalf of our clients, efficiently and effectively”


To be the first and the most compelling choice for companies and customers seeking a contact center solutions. We aim at becoming one of the best contact center services providers that offers customized services to the Rwandan and international markets. We want 5000 as number to be reminded in any situation of Rwandans or foreigners who need to know everything about or in Rwanda, we believe in this.